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Retractable Tape Measure Latch

Retractable Tape Measure Latch

Engineered to be used with the Tape Measure Catch, the Retractable Tape Measure Latch enables quick tethering and holstering of tape measures.

A steel retractor cable feeds through the back of the unit, connecting to the Tape Measure Catch. A mounted quick-connect platform allows the Tape Measure Catch to be secured when not in use.

Key Features
Compatible with the Tape Measure Catch.
Built-in retractor.
Quick-connect platform for securing your tape measure when not in use.
Lightweight design with industrial toughness.
2 x load rated d-rings providing additional tether anchor points.

Max Load (D-Ring): 2.5kg
Max Load (Retractor): 0.7kg
Tool Included: None

£30.70 ex. VAT

Trade prices available on request subject to volume, call 03300 573537