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GRIPPS C5 Eco Gloves - S21627

GRIPPS C5 Eco Gloves - S21627

The GRIPPS® C5 Eco Glove is a carbon-neutral certified protective industrial workers glove with an in-built tether anchor point. Made from recycled plastic and rubber nitrile, the C5 Eco is the lighter variation to the GRIPPS C5 Eco Impact Glove.  GRIPPS® recognise the need to help reduce carbon emissions and plastic waste found in our oceans. Our new C5 Eco Gloves are helping combat both these issues, whilst offering users a substantial level of protection and dexterity.   The C5 Eco Glove retains all the features of other GRIPPS flex lite gloves, whilst delivering a superior level of comfort and better facilitating the protection of marine life from harmful plastics. In fact, every pair of C5 Eco Gloves re-purpose at least one plastic bottle!

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