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GRIPPS Scaffolders Tool Belt Kit - K02034

GRIPPS Scaffolders Tool Belt Kit - K02034

Scaffolders Tool Belt Kit Complete with five holsters on a Reinforced Synthetic Work Belt, the 5 Skin Scaffolders Kit enables the wearer to customize their own tooling. The Gripps range of holsters and pouches feature fully load rated attachment points for tethering, as well as the option for retractor units. Key Features \n
    • Five Holsters with provision for retractable or coil/bungee tethers.

    • Fully load rated and certified for use with tool tethers.

    • Premium quality and lightweight.

Kit Components  
    • GRIPPS Scaffolders Tool Kit Drawstring Bag - Grey    x1

    • GRIPPS Tape Measure Catch                                   x1

    • GRIPPS Tape Measure Holster                                 x1

    • GRIPPS Scaffold Key Holster                                   x1

    • GRIPPS Ratchet/Wrench Holster                              x1

    • GRIPPS Single Tool Holster 2.5kg                            x1

    • GRIPPS Kevlar Catch Retractor with Auto-lock        x1

    • GRIPPS Steel Catch Retractor Unit 0.7kg                x3

    • GRIPPS Leather Work Belt                                       x1

    • GRIPPS Swivel Catch 130mm                                  x4

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