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Acrow Props

Acrow Props

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Our Acrow Props have a multitude of uses from supporting lintels and RSJ's, to supporting load-bearing walls while new openings are formed. You can rely on our Props to do the job.

Our Acrow Props are manufactured from heavy-duty adjustable steel and are painted with a green powder coat that protects against the elements, rusting, corrosion, and general wear and tear.

You now have a choice of five different prop sizes, with various height ranges.

Acrow Prop Size Closed Height
(Lowest achieved when fully closed)
Open Height
(Maximum achieved when fully open)
Size 0 Props 1.014m 1.829m
Size 1 Props 1.753m 3.124m
Size 2 Props 1.981m 3.352m
Size 3 Props 2.590m 3.962m
Size 4 Props 3.200m 4.876m

Acrow Props Discounts. 

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