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DV120-MBN Vacuum

DV120-MBN Vacuum

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The DV120-MB has been designed with large clean-up operations in mind as well as the practicality of having a vacuum that is easy to empty into waste processing plants. With a powerful 1200W motor, this vacuum has excellent suction and comes with a practical 45mm hose and wand kit.
Excellent for cleaning up warehouses, construction sites, floods, and spillages amongst many other uses.

The DV15 and the DV120 are both M-Class Filtered, they are not M-Class certified
Comes complete with a heavy-duty fleece filter bag.

Voltage - 230/110v
Power - 1200w
Filter Type - Cartridge
Depression - 220 mbar
Airflow - 55l/s
Capacity - 120 ltrs
Noise Level - 69 ~dB(A)
Cable Length - 10m
Weight - 17.5kg
Dimensions - 500 x 600 x 1300h

Accessories that come with the vacuum. 

1. 4 Mtr x 45mm Hose
2. Wet Filter
3. 45mm Wand
4. Round Brush
5. Floor Bar Housing
6. Squeegee Insert
7. Brush Insert
8. Brush Inser

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