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Access Tags Limited

Ladder Tag Kit

Ladder Tag Kit

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Ladder tag inserts categorizes ladders as Professional or Non-professional and assigns them a unique reference number.

Conveniently located on the reverse are pre-use and in-use checklists. To keep track of your ladder's status.

Easily communicate which ladder is fit for use. Updated to the EN 131 norm.

The Ladder tag inserts by Access Tag®  is robust and highly visible, displaying the latest information relating to a ladders class, inspection period and inspections due as well as a handy, quick-reference ladder inspection checklist. We have also made the lines bigger so that your names can clearly be displayed. 

Ladder kit includes a holder that permanently attaches to a ladder, and inserts that can be removed and also a pen. The inserts communicate:

  • a ladder inspection trail
  • up to 9 planned inspections
  • inspector signatures
  • a unique ladder reference
  • the main ladder purpose and use
  • a ladder inspection checklist (on reverse)

Each Kit is made up of

10 Holders

20 Inserts

1 Marker Pen


All supplied in a purpose made box for easy 

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