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Threshold Ramp

Threshold Ramp

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We are excited to present its new threshold ramp product, designed to provide easy access during the construction of homes or big builds.

The threshold ramps are the perfect solution for any developer looking to make their building sites safer and more accessible. The ramps provide a safe, easy, and cost-effective way of entering and exiting buildings being built

Replacing scaffold boards or makeshift platforms that can be unsafe and can cause serious injuries if a slip or trip occurs. The ramps are built with strong anti-slip mesh, making them ideal for wet or slippery conditions, easy carry handles, and the ability to pin into the floor to keep them secure and stable. With these features the threshold ramps ensure that everyone who visits your site is provided with a smooth, secure, and comfortable experience every time.


Also, you have the option to choose the threshold ramp with handrails. 

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