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Trench Box-Krings KS 100-=Hire (POA)

Trench Box-Krings KS 100-=Hire (POA)

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The KS 100 is the world’s most frequently used trench box and is compatible with a wide range of shoring tasks. Its straightforward use in countless variations in terms of trench width, depth of use, lengths available on site and practical vertical pipe clearances make all settings possible within the maximum sizes. The shoring struts of the KS 100 are compatible with those of KS 60 boxes.

Operations with the edge-supported compact element are simple, inexpensive and safe. There is no negative environment impact caused by driving or vibration. The boxes, often used in urban locations, can be installed by placement in the excavated trench or via the dig-and-push method.

Basic data

  • Shoring length: 2.00 m – 4.50 m
  • Height base unit: 2.40 m / 2.60 m
  • Height base unit: 1.30 m
  • Pipe culvert height: max. 1.56 m
  • Weight: 1,399 kg – 2,715 kg
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